It seems that I am at a point in my life where I am almost watching my life pass me by. It is not to say that I do not have fun, but I think that I need to be doing bigger and better. This just doesn’t apply to my current career choice, but also my lifestyle. I keep wanting to do this, improve that, or do something outside my comfort zone, but I still end up watching some sitcom or movie that temporarily makes me laugh and forget my current predicament. I think I need a big change, I don’t know if applying for jobs in California is the way to go, but I feel I need a spark. That is the thing I am missing, that certain spark. What would be classified as a spark, a life-altering change, a realization of something previously unknown, or can it be less profound? Can it be in the form of a new group of friends, a new girlfriend, or maybe volunteer work? This is what I will try to figure out for the rest of this week. The parents and sister are Iowa bound this weekend, will all be at the farm hopefully cleaning a little. Maybe I will see something this weekend that will point the way to the future. Tonight is the last night for a past friend in Iowa, she is going abroad, and I have friends that are moving on. Maybe it is time to do the same, just move on and see where and what will move into my new path. As Einstein once postulated, “An object in motion stays in motion, unless acted on by an outside force.” Maybe we are all just looking for outside forces to either slow us down or speed us up towards that one point where everything sort of makes a little more sense. But as soon as you reach that point, there is always another force!

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Time is a funny thing, it is said to heal all wounds, and that only time will tell.  It governs everyone’s lives, from the minute they are born, to the hours spent studying, procrastinating, hanging out, dating, drinking, laughing, and crying growing up, even the days watching memories happen, watching friends drift away, or just watching movies or TV, to the weeks of working day in and day out and travelling, to the months of marriage that will be the best times and can be some of the worst times, and even the years raising kids, and seeing grandkids up until the moment time becomes eternity…and I believe that eternity is some sort of afterlife, whether it be heaven or whatever the next stage is.  Time will be all of that for some people, less for others, and more for a lucky few.  I see this time as perfect, you don’t need millions of dollars or fame to have all of it, you just need time.  There is plenty of it, but I’m still young.  Plus, I’m an optimistic pessimist, which means I see a glass half full, but there is still some missing.  As an engineer, I see the glass as being twice the size it needs to be…but that is just an engineering joke.  So let me end with this, what would happen if time was a non-issue, would it make any of the above accomplishments or memories any less valuable? Would actually having all the time in the world make you complacent or make you strive to be the best person you can be? For now I am going to use my time a little more wisely, but don’t forget you can’t always be buried in work, you have to stop and smell the roses, or have a drink with your friends every once and a while too. Thanks.

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Hello world!

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